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It’s time for Thanksgiving.

Mar 29

Massage Mesa studios make it our priority to improve every person that walks through their doors. No matter if we're creating therapeutic massages or keeping current with new and traditional techniques or providing mindfulness tips that can help you improve your overall well-being, it doesn't matter. We do this because we love you.

Gratitude encourages us all to help local studios become the best they can be. You can make November, the month when Thanksgiving is celebrated, a time where you cultivate gratitude. It won’t take long before you and those around you start to notice the benefits.

Gratitude is a virtue.

Psychology Today explains gratitude as "the expression and appreciation for what you have." It also includes talents, relationships, experiences, and any other sphere that touches one's personal life. This article also cites research that suggests people who practice gratitude feel less pain, stress, insomnia. They may have stronger relationships and immune systems.

Gratitude is a practice.

You may consider gratitude a feeling you have when you are able to remember great things. Do not worry if gratitude isn't your current feeling. Gratitude can also be a state of mind that can be strengthened, stretched, and exercised like a muscle. Below are some simple-to-adopt practices of gratitude. Choose one, two, or all of these and you will soon feel the positive effects that gratitude can have on your life.

Count your blessings.

You can start by taking note of things you as an individual or a group appreciate. You can choose to do it daily, weekly, or as a continuous practice, adding blessings to your life as they occur. This is an excellent way to practice gratitude.

This holiday tune is a hit and tells all you need to know about counting your blessings. A bonus is that you might find yourself singing the gratitude song for many weeks.

Keep a gratitude journal.

You can take the joy of counting your blessings to the next step by purchasing a grateful journal. You can find many different formats, but you don’t need much more than a notebook or pad. It's easy to simply put the date on a piece of paper and start listing your blessings. A physical record can make it easier to recall blessings each day, and it is also a great reference for times when it is difficult to feel grateful.



Keep your surroundings filled with visual reminders for your blessings.

You might find it easier to use visual cues for gratitude if your brain is more visual. Small tokens, pictures, and symbols can help to conjure emotions and ignite gratitude in a way simple lists might not. Whether you store them together in a designated place or create an altar at home, be sure to update and rearrange them often. You can keep them fresh in your head and prevent them from disappearing into the background.

Do not forget to be patient during difficult times.

It's okay to have times in life that weren't quite as joyful as they are now. Try not to forget those times. While this may seem counterintuitive at first, Emmons states, "trials & suffering can actually refine & deepen gratitude if we allow it to show us not taking things for granted." Emmons reminds us, however, that Thanksgiving was created from hard times, not times of abundance.

Say thanks.

Harvard suggests that you write Thank-You Notes to improve your own happiness as well as your relationships. This could be a handwritten message, an email, or a post to social media.

If you feel that these options are too much, you might consider thanking someone mentally. You can use this to keep your gratitude practice fresh and inspire you later to say thank you in person.

Donate your time and treasure

Michael Norton, Harvard Business School professor, and colleague proved that it is better to share than to receive. Their recent study revealed that giving money to someone else increases participants' happiness than spending it on them. Gifting money or time to someone or an organization that you are grateful for will help you express gratitude and lift your spirits. It will both benefit you and your recipient.

Practice gratitude in your body, and don't stop!

A series of routine massages will provide your body with a variety of physical and emotional benefits. This is an excellent way of showing gratitude to your body for all that it does day in and day out. Rewarding it with a good night's sleep and feeding it healthy and delicious meals is a great way to show gratitude. It is also important to maintain a positive attitude of gratitude. It makes you, your world, happier and healthier. This is the best reason to be thankful!


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